Language · 13. November 2020
teletherapy Maryland virtual speech
Since March 2020, most therapists around the country started providing services virtually. For many families, this was a temporary solution during a time when social distancing was necessary. However, we have learned that teletherapy can be more than just a flexible fix, and instead a way of consistent and meaningful access to quality services, for our kiddos. Here's why:
Language · 07. February 2020
language development
Everyone knows that food is the way to someone's heart, but did you know it can also lead the way to better speech and language skills? Valentine's Day is coming up, so let food be a part of your love language!
Language · 17. December 2019
Here are a few tips to support your child's social skills through the holidays and all that comes with this time of year.
Language · 09. September 2019
It's September, and we all know what that means...back to school. With the change of the season also comes new teachers, new classes, a new routine, and opportunities for building new friendships. For children with communication challenges, this also means new obstacles and all the feelings that come along with unfamiliar "new-ness". To help your child start on the right track, here are our top 3 strategies for building relationships and developing positive social skills in and out of school.
Articulation · 28. March 2019
Bored with flashcards and speech "homework"? Us too! Try these play-based activities to support early-developing sounds.
Early Development · 18. January 2019
Most people know that a child typically says their first word around 12 months old. Would you be surprised to know that there are many developmental milestones that occur before 12 months old which are key indicators of a child's language development? All before that first word emerges! Let's chat a bit about early language development - about everything that typically happens before we hear that first word. These milestones are so crucial - maybe even more important than the first word!
Language · 22. October 2018
Fall weather is finally here and that means a lot more time outdoors to enjoy all of the wonderful fall activities that the Annapolis area has to offer – I’m looking at you, pumpkin patches and corn mazes! I love that Maryland’s fall weather lasts so long because that means many opportunities to enjoy these activities. Here are my top 5 tips for ways to help your child with special needs enjoy these activities: Read stories. Stories that incorporate fall activities can help your child...
Language · 12. October 2018
Did you know you can promote language development with the activities you are already doing? Here are five tips for helping your child learn language through interaction.
Early Development · 31. July 2018
Late talking is a common concern for parents. Have your late talker evaluated.
Late language emergence (late talking) is a common concern for parents, and one that is easily treatable. Unfortunately, many doctors, teachers, and other trusted resources continue to give outdated advice, encouraging parents to "wait and see" instead of obtain a speech-language (or multi-disciplinary) evaluation. But the evidence is overwhelming: early intervention (EI) is one of the most efficacious types of treatment available.
Early Development · 22. June 2018
Does my child have a speech or language delay? We help families in Anne Arundel County and Prince George's County.
This is a question that we are asked regularly. Parents often reach out to us by phone, through email, or on Facebook wondering if their child is developing typically or if they are delayed. At Kid Connections, we strive to help families in Anne Arundel County and Prince George's County answer this question. We know there is a lot of conflicting information about when to refer your child for a speech or language evaluation. Your child’s preschool teacher may have concerns, while your...