Empowering Your Child to Communicate More Effectively

You are your child’s first teacher for language and communication.  You are already naturally and innately using some great strategies to support your child’s communication development.  When your child was a baby, you were great at reading all of their non-verbal cues that they were hungry, needed a diaper change, or were sleepy.  You may not have realized it, but you took conversational turns with your baby - you would do something, they would giggle, and you would do it again, so they would giggle again, and so on.

Now, your child is a bit older.  I bet you are still listening to those cues - how do you know when your child is hungry, excited, upset, tired?  Do they vocalize?  Say some words or something that sounds like it could be a word? Do you read their facial expressions?  Do they pull you towards what they want or need?  All of this is communication.  You are learning how to understand your child, and they are learning how to more effectively communicate with you!

 You’re doing a good job!  Take a minute and celebrate this.  I mean it - pat yourself on the back, give yourself a hug, buy yourself that special cup of coffee today.


What if I told you that I want to EMPOWER you to be better, great even, at helping your child communicate more effectively which will lead to less frustration, fewer tantrums, more joy, more meaningful relationships?


Our goal is to teach you highly effective strategies to follow your child’s lead, model language that matches what your child is thinking about and not yet saying, add predictability to your routines and your child’s play so that they can take communicative initiative, and have a conversation with your child in which you are building joyful interactions.  We will provide you with education, examples, and support so that you can develop the confidence to apply these strategies within your everyday life.

YOU are the expert on your child. Let’s partner together to help your child develop early language and communication skills.

Kid Connections Therapy has designed and created a brand new 8-week virtual language enrichment program to help you with your child's communication skills and development. The program unpacks the importance of reading, wait time, routines, conversation and being a language model, and how you can use these techniques to help your child develop early language and communication skills. 

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By: Shanna Klump- CEO and Speech Language Pathologist at Kid Connections.