Are you concerned that your child has difficulty communicating his or her wants, needs, thoughts, or ideas?


Does your child have difficulty understanding questions or following directions?


Is your child a messy eater? Does your child have difficulty managing a variety of foods and liquids or does he or she have a restricted diet?


Are you worried that your child is not developing like his or her same-aged peers?

play-based speech therapy in Annapolis

If so, speech and language therapy can help!

Our Approach

Kid Connections uses a family-centered, child-focused approach to speech and language services.  Using naturalistic, play-based strategies, we help children understand language and communicate in their environment.  We help children and families have joyful interactions during a variety of routines or activities, including play, meal times, and daily life at home or in the community. We recognize the important role that families play in a child's development, and incorporate strategies that best fit the needs of the family.

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